A New Customer Service Paradigm: Customers are Now Demanding Self-Service Options and Why You Must Adapt

Speakers: Nancy Jamison & Brendan Read, Frost & Sullivan and Richard Simons, Creative Virtual

65% of consumers are now demanding self-service options around the clock. They no longer want to be reliant on person-to-person communication between the hours of 9 to 5. Instead, your customers want personalised information available where and when they want it. That means providing access to their information online, on smartphones, tablets, game consoles and even on social networks.

For companies, this is both a curse and a blessing. What once was a cost effective way to reduce customer support costs is now at the forefront of customer satisfaction. Today organisations must design customer service strategies that deliver a consistent, multimodal experience no matter where customers choose to engage. But many are missing prime opportunities to improve customer relationships that will increase loyalty, reduce costs and increase sales.

So, how do you create consistency within your channels and reduce costs while leveraging its unique characteristics for customer engagement? During this webinar, Frost and Sullivan analysts, Nancy Jamison and Brendan Read along with Creative Virtual USA CEO, Richard Simons discussed the importance of providing a multichannel customer experience, and how organisations can leverage knowledge management and new technologies like intelligent virtual agents to give customers exactly what they want.