Creative Virtual Announces New Client: resolver

resolver Launches Beta of New Intelligent Virtual Assistant, Kate

Creative Virtual, a leader in customer experience self-service solutions for global enterprises, today announced the signing of its newest client, resolver. resolver, is an assisted complaint service that helps consumers understand their rights, and get the satisfaction they deserve.  resolver has retained Creative Virtual to provide an intelligent virtual assistant that can answer consumer questions online and help them resolve their issues.

“We launched resolver in beta February of this year and immediately knew we wanted to leverage virtual assistant technology to communicate more effectively with our customers and minimise back end operations,” says James Walker, Chief Thinker, “We selected Creative Virtual because they have the most sophisticated technology in intelligent virtual assistants available on the market, particularly as it relates to natural language and integrating with all of our knowledge sources. Moreover, we needed adaptable and scalable tools that could grow with us, help us resolve consumer complaints faster, and yet remain cost effective for us as a free consumer based service.”

resolver’s intelligent virtual assistant, Kate, launched on 25th April 2013 in beta with just 350 questions within its knowledgebase. However, resolver plans to expand the database exponentially and give Kate the full capabilities of answering consumer questions about complaints, consumer rights and a multitude of other consumer related issues throughout the entire United Kingdom. With this knowledge, Kate will be able to resolve most cases on her own, escalating only the most challenging cases to live agents. This will free up resolver resources for faster execution. Additionally, Kate will be able to answer consumer questions using text-to-speech technology.

“We are excited about resolver’s implementation of their intelligent virtual agent. They are proactively responding to consumer demands for information by providing a self-service option that advocates on behalf of their customers,” says Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual. “To that end, Kate will take full advantage of our technology combining knowledge management, analytics and natural language to communicate with customers both on and offline 24 hours per day, seven days per week.”

To see Kate in action, you can visit and ask Kate a question.


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