Creative Virtual Featured as Omni Channel Partner at India’s Largest Customer Experience Event

Shantanu Purandare, Executive Director of Creative Virtual India, will speak about using the customers’ voice to develop successful CX strategies as part of a panel discussion

CXM 2017Creative Virtual, a world leader in customer and employee engagement, knowledge management and self-service solutions, is the Omni Channel Partner for Customer Experience Management 2017. CXM 2017, India’s largest customer experience event, will be held on February 3rd in Mumbai and will feature insights on how organisations can transform their experiences to meet the heightened expectations of progressively sophisticated, diverse and demanding customers.

As Omni Channel Partner, Creative Virtual will showcase their suite of Smart Help solutions at CXM 2017 and share unique insights into how enterprises around the world are using these tools to increase customer engagement, reduce customer support costs and increase revenue. Event attendees will get to see live examples of how these solutions can provide effortless self-service for customers and support live agents in the contact centre.

Shantanu Purandare, Executive Director of Creative Virtual India, will also speak as part of a panel discussion on ‘Analyzing Customer Voice’. This session will address the power social media has given customers to share their opinions on products and companies with a global audience. The panelists will discuss the importance for Customer Experience Management leaders to analyse this data and how they can use it to their advantage across geographies, cultures and markets.

“The increased expectations of highly-connected digital customers are creating new challenges for companies in India when it comes to growing a happy, loyal customer base,” said Shantanu. “Social media has given customers the ability to share their point of view instantly with people around the world. In order to remain competitive, organisations need to pay close attention to customer opinions expressed on these channels and determine how to effectively analyze and use this information to positively influence their customer experience strategies.”

For more information about the event and to register to attend, visit the CXM 2017 website.


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