Creative Virtual Introduces Self-Service Solution Designed to Reduce Service Desk Support Costs

V-Person Service Desk™ improves productivity and efficiency while reducing calls and live chat sessions requiring service desk agent support

V-Person Service DeskCreative Virtual, a world leader in self-service engagement solutions, has announced the official launch of V-Person Service Desk. This newest addition to Creative Virtual’s suite of Smart Help solutions is designed specifically to reduce service desk costs while improving productivity, efficiency and the employee support experience.

With V-Person Service Desk, organisations empower employees to self-serve on their preferred device anytime, anywhere. The V-Person virtual agent understands questions asked in natural language and provides an instant, consistent answer every time to create an easy, convenient self-service experience. The solution is designed to be complementary to the systems and processes already in place and can be easily integrated with existing Single Sign-On (SSO) and ticketing systems, third party databases and live chat systems. These integrations enable an extremely personalised support experience and seamless handover from virtual agent to live agent if required.

“The development of V-Person Service Desk was in response to a growing need we saw for organisations to deliver quicker, easier service desk support for their employees without incurring the extra cost of additional live agents,” said Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual. “This Smart Help solution enables organisations to ‘shift work left’ by giving employees the proper tools to troubleshoot instantly, when and where they require the support, without needing to contact a service desk agent. This not only reduces service desk costs, but it also improves the experience and meets user expectations for accurate, consistent access to support.”

V-Person Service Desk is backed by V-Portal™, Creative Virtual’s intelligent knowledge management, workflow management and business intelligence reporting platform, which provides tightly integrated editing, testing, workflow and reporting functionality. Options are available for the solution to be hosted on-premise or in the cloud, and to be deployed as a fully managed service or managed in-house. Organisations currently using V-Person technology are seeing average call deflection rates of 20-30% and reductions of up to 80% in live chat sessions.

For more information about this new self-service solution, download the V-Person Service Desk Overview.

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