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Get Safe Online Success StoryGet Safe Online is a unique public/private sector, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing information and advice on online safety and security to the UK public and small businesses. It is the UK’s leading source of unbiased, authoritative and easy-to-understand information on protection against fraud, identity theft, viruses, abuse and many other problems encountered online – as well as physical computer or mobile device theft/loss, backups and related topics. Jointly funded by HM Government and leading organisations from the technology, banking, retail and other sectors, Get Safe Online also has other partners which provide invaluable technical, logistical and communications support.

The Challenge

Get Safe Online’s key communication channel – its website – is arranged in a simple and logical manner to make it easy for users to find and navigate to the information they need. From an intuitive menu and links, users can find what they want not only by where it should be located technically, but where they would expect to find it based on their perceptions and common usage.  However, since everyone has a different way of searching for information when they access the site, it was decided to offer an alternative method of finding advice easily and efficiently.

To learn more about how Get Safe Online provides a great website experience with two virtual agents, download the full Get Safe Online Customer Success Story.


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