New Survey: Knowledge Management and Organisational Silos are Key Obstacles to Successful Digital Customer Service

150 executives polled at customer care leadership forum in New York City last month felt return on investment was clear and customer satisfaction was not an issue for self-service solutions

CV - argyle_executive_forum_logoCreative Virtual USA, a leading provider of customer self-service, virtual agent, and chat-bot solutions, announced the results of a survey conducted at Argyle’s 2016 Customer Care Leadership Forum in New York City last month. 150 executives from major brands gathered to discuss proactive strategies for cutting costs while focusing on customer concerns, social media paving the way for the future, and how they’re advancing overall business objectives.

Industry research firms, such as Forrester, have identified online self-service as a dominant trend this year, pointing out “Why? It’s An Effortless Way To Get To Your Answers.” During the Argyle event, attendees were asked, “Which is the greatest obstacle in your company to successfully deploying self-service customer support across digital channels?”

  • 81% of respondents cited knowledge management investments or gaining organisational support as the primary obstacles to widely deploying, exposing, and promoting self-service tools on their web and mobile channels. A majority did not feel low satisfaction or resolution rates, or an inability to measure return on investment were key self-service issues.
  • During a panel discussion at the event with General Electric, Panasonic, Quest Diagnostics and Confirmit on the future of customer service, Frank Schneider, Creative Virtual USA’s, VP of Customer Experience Solutions explained, “The key is to strategically ask the right questions. You must take the time to know and listen to your customers, meet them where they are.”
  • Download the full survey results and listen to the complete recording of The Future of Customer Service: Customer Empowerment and Expectations panel.


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