CRMXchange Technology Innovation Showcase: Providing a Superior Omnichannel Customer Experience with Virtual Assistant Technology

Register for the live webcast featuring Creative Virtual to be held on Thursday, 2nd October.

CRMXchange Tech Showcase (blog)On Thursday, 2nd October 2014 CRMXchange will continue their Technology Innovation Showcase series with a live webcast featuring technology from Creative Virtual, a leader in customer experience self-service solutions for global enterprises. Presented by Creative Virtual Founder & CEO, Chris Ezekiel, this free event is titled Providing a Superior Omnichannel Customer Experience with Virtual Assistant Technology and is scheduled to begin at 4:00 pm UK time / 11:00 am ET. This will mark the second year Creative Virtual has participated in the Technology Innovation Showcase.

Through a series of live demonstrations, Chris will show how Creative Virtual has brought knowledge management, workflow management and business intelligence reporting together with natural language virtual assistants in one powerful platform to enable organisations to provide omnichannel Smart Help. Attendees of this Technology Innovation Showcase will learn how to:

  • Break down information and departmental silos by bringing content together in one powerful knowledge management tool
  • Create and deploy intelligent virtual assistants across contact channels from one platform for accurate, consistent and personalised engagement
  • Enable customers to move seamlessly from one service channel to another
  • Gain better insight into customer behaviour with advanced conversational reporting
  • Improve the customer experience, build brand loyalty and increase sales while also cutting support costs with Smart Help solutions

“Obstacles such as disconnected contact channels and departmental and information silos mean many organisations are struggling to provide a superior omnichannel experience for their customers,” says Chris. “With Creative Virtual’s V-Person™ and V-Portal™ technology, companies can deploy Smart Help solutions that overcome these obstacles and give customers easy access to the personalised information and support they need, consistently and accurately across channels.”

To register for this Technology Innovation Showcase, please visit the CRMXchange website.

Mandy Reed
email: [email protected]