How National Rail Enquiries Uses Virtual Agents for Multi-Channel Customer Support

Speakers: Kathryn Daniels of National Rail Enquiries, Maria Ward of Virtual Zone Ltd and Chris Ezekiel of Creative Virtual

With the launch of Apple’s Siri, virtual agent technology has moved to the forefront of people’s minds. No longer part of sci-fi movies, technology is finally catching up to people’s imaginations. However, many of our clients have been utilising virtual agents for years to emulate human interaction with their customers through various channels. And with natural language technology, we’ve created intelligent virtual agents that have the ability to converse on a personal level with customers across the globe.

National Rail Enquiries launched ‘Ask Lisa’ in 2007, a V-Person™ by Creative Virtual and The Virtual Zone. During this webinar, National Rail Enquiries illustrated how ‘Ask Lisa’ has been the perfect solution in providing customer support across multiple channels, including directly through integration with their Facebook page. Plus, learn more about how intelligent virtual agent technology can enhance customer experience, build brand loyalty and reduce customer support costs.