Largest US Bank Deploys V-Person™ Natural Language Processing (NLP) Help Technology from Creative Virtual

Solution deployed with customised content for bank’s clients

An enterprise bank in the United States made the strategic decision to use Creative Virtual’s V-Person virtual agent solution for the loans, banking and credit cards sections of their website. Their goal was to create a great customer experience on authenticated pages.

This bank began their search for a virtual assistant solution to meet specific criteria such as:human hand and computer keyboard as symbol of high technology

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) to ensure that the virtual agent was able to interpret complex questions asked by users
  • Ability to operate in Spanish
  • Integration with back-end systems that contained customer profile data in order to create a personalised experience
  • A system the bank could manage and maintain a workflow to support a complex content approval flow
  • A solution that could be run in web, mobile and tablet environments using responsive design
  • Technology the bank could host, in order to meet the stringent security regulations of their industry
  • A solution that was scalable enough to work in one of the world’s largest banks
  • Operability on a WebSphere, Linux, SQL Server stack across multiple servers and locations
  • ROI within a year

The enterprise bank selected Creative Virtual based on these needs. V-Person’s reporting functionality enables this bank to quickly respond to questions customers are asking the virtual assistant, giving the bank great insight into its customers.

“V-Person is a really scalable solution that can accommodate the needs of large enterprises,” Richard Simons, CEO of Creative Virtual USA said. “Using virtual agents on authenticated pages can really drive a positive and personalised customer experience.”

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Courtney Schreier
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