Technology Innovation Showcase: Unify the Customer Experience on Mobile, Web & Social Channels

Below is the recording of our Technology Innovation Showcase, Unify the Customer Experience on Mobile, Web & Social Channels. This webcast, which took place in July 2013, was presented by Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual. During this webinar, Chris gave a live demonstration on how intelligent virtual agents help companies effectively engage with customers, improve satisfaction levels and decrease customer support costs. He showed how major brands have gone beyond simple FAQs and search boxes to deliver a more powerful experience and ROI using their virtual agents. Chris also provided an inside view as to how our technology works from data collection to analytics.

After watching this recording, we encourage you to contact us for a live demo to see how Creative Virtual’s V-Person™ technology can help you increase loyalty, reduce costs and increase sales through improved customer relationships.



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