V-Person™ technology by Creative Virtual helps enterprises find and share their voice.

Our conversational platform is designed to help businesses leverage their collective knowledge to deliver personalised experiences to their customers across contact channels.

Over the years we’ve developed a suite of tools and products that manage the entire process, from integration with other enterprise systems to management and testing. Due to its power and flexibility, our technology can integrate with any system, web service or interactive technology on the market, giving you the ability to easily deploy virtual assistants on any website, as a user-friendly mobile application, using IVR or through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

From contact centres to customers, our system is designed to enable you to focus on being creative with the content that drives the customer experience.


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V-Person WebTM

Hold Personalised Conversations with Your Customers with Intelligent Virtual Assistants

V-Person Live ChatTM

Combine Virtual and Real Support with a Live Chat Solution that is Defining Industry Best Practice

V-Person MobileTM

Bring the Best-in-Breed Natural Conversational System to Mobile Devices for Full Scale Customer Experience Management

V-Person Social MediaTM

Merge the Interactive Power of Social Media and Virtual Assistant Technology to Improve Customer Retention

V-Person Contact CentreTM

Improve Customer Experience by Delivering the Right Information to Each Agent at the Right Time

V-Person Service DeskTM

Reduce Service Desk Support Costs and Improve Productivity with Personalised Self-Service


Combine Customer Analytics with Knowledge Management to Improve Customer Experiences

What Our Products Can Do For You:

  • Deliver seamless, fully-integrated, end-to-end customer engagement
  • Offer personalised, multi-lingual self-service options powered by a single knowledgebase
  • Provide consistent experience, messaging and branding across all contact channels
  • Support live agents and enable feedback loops that are defining industry best practice
  • Support thousands of concurrent users with options to host on-premise and in the cloud
  • Unique real-time insights into customer interaction and behaviour with actionable reporting
  • Integrate with social networks, instant messaging platforms and discussion forums
  • Improve customer experience, increase sales, reduce costs and build brand loyalty