Software Company

The Challenge

A top software company in the United States began investigating the use of a virtual agent (VA) on their support pages.  The company suspected that a large percentage of questions did not need a live person to resolve the issue. They sought out a VA solution to meet the following criteria:

  • Multi-lingual Natural Language Processing (NLP) to ensure that the VA was able to understand complex questions asked by users
  • Integration with their enterprise backend Salesforce™ and Siebel™ systems, to enable customer-specific data to be retrieved and updated
  • A system they could manage and maintain themselves
  • A solution that could run in web, mobile and tablet environments
  • A system that could be extended throughout the enterprise, allowing the solution to be leveraged across departments
  • A cost effective solution with ROI within a year
  • A solution that would substantially reduce the volume of questions answered by the support agents


To find out more about our solution and the results, download the full Software Company Customer Success Story.


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