Do You Really Think Your Customers Want to Talk to You? The Data Says No!

Presenters: Richard Simons, CEO, Creative Virtual USA and Mike Murphy, VP of Customer Success

Millions of dollars are being spent on call centers, but today’s millennial customers don’t really want to talk to you; they’re just forced to. They want fast and efficient online self-service via email, web, mobile or social media. While your call center can always be an option, it should never be your only option in this digital age.

So how can you build a self-service model that earns you happy customers that never call you?  First you have to deliver immediate, personalized and customized information that empowers customers to solve their queries on their own. To do so, you need the right tools that can manage your content across departments and deliver meaningful and relevant information across channels and devices. Lastly, you need a way to measure performance so you can monitor interactions in real-time and undergo continuous improvement.

During this webinar, we’ll show you how companies like Amazon have benefited from a robust self-service model and demonstrate how we’ve helped digital and customer service leaders in banks, high tech, hospitality and telecommunications companies achieve greater adoption, satisfaction and sales. You’ll also have a chance to participate in our roundtable where our CEO and VP of Customer Success will answer common questions companies have asked us about leveraging intelligent virtual assistants. Throughout the event you’ll learn how Chase, Verizon, IHG, Autodesk and other leading companies have successfully adopted modern self-service tools to reduce call center costs and increase productivity.

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