How Does Your 2016 Plan Compare to Leaders in Digital Customer Experience?

Presenters: Richard Simons, CEO and Frank Schneider, VP of Sales, North America & Canada

Forbes has dubbed 2016 as the Year of the Customer. 2016 is a time where customers are becoming smarter, expecting more and demanding appreciation. Mobile and social have been the catalyst and personalization has become the key differentiator in delivering right time, right now conversations through different channels and devices. In order to survive the digital tide, businesses must develop a plan that speaks directly to this new breed of customer. That plan starts with a sound omnichannel strategy that is rooted in five key truths.

  • Be easy to initiate and always available
  • Designed to be intelligent and acknowledge intelligence
  • Be present in conversation
  • Inspire trust and confidence
  • Focus on time and actionable resolution

In this webinar, Creative Virtual USA’s CEO and VP of Sales, discuss the importance of molding your customer support plan against these five elements, ways to bridge human-assisted service with automated care, and how doing so has helped major Fortune 500 enterprises lead the way in providing digital customer experiences that not only decrease costs, improve efficiencies and increase sales, but also earn them loyal and dedicated customers.

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