Octopus Enriches Customer Experience by introducing CTINT’s Virtual Customer Assistant powered by Creative Virtual

The Virtual Customer Assistant, Helen, has commenced her job duty in the form of a chatbot communicating with thousands of Octopus users in Hong Kong Cantonese

Octopus chatbot

Continuous Technologies (CTINT), a leading communication solutions provider recently implemented its Virtual Customer Assistant in the digital customer service channels of Octopus Cards Limited (OCL). The Virtual Customer Assistant, Helen, has commenced her job duty in the form of a chatbot communicating with thousands of Octopus users in Hong Kong Cantonese with Creative Virtuals V-Portal technology at the back.

The CEO of Octopus Holdings Limited, Mr Sunny Cheung, is delighted to see the service launch. Octopus is used by a wide range of customers. To meet the changing demand of customer service, an intelligent omni-channel customer engagement environment is essential. We have to develop new services and products addressing customers needs.

Around-the-clock Cantonese Virtual Customer Assistant

The Virtual Customer Assistant, Helen, appears in the instant messaging box in the Customer Service section of the Octopus website. Available 24/7, Helen is responsible for answering questions in Cantonese on Automatic Add Value Service and Loss Octopus Reporting. To cater for the needs of users who prefer to communicate in colloquial Cantonese, Helen, equipped with natural language processing capability, allows users to ask questions in free form. It is integrated with a knowledgebase system to provide the right answer. In the near future, English language will also be included in this service and Helen will learn to answer other inquiries.

We will continue to develop new customer service channels to facilitate the communication between Octopus and its customers especially in the virtual business environment, says Ms Cora Cheung, Operations and Service Director of Octopus Cards Limited.

Enhancing Digital Engagement

Virtual Customer Assistant gives customers instant access to information and customer support anytime, anywhere while providing convenient and seamless customer experience. This technology has been proven to improve customer engagement and reduce customer support costs whilst also providing unique customer insights for organizations. The Virtual Customer Assistant solution provided by CTINT and Creative Virtual is powered by robust multi-lingual natural language capabilities, to enable intelligent, conversational service for all customer demographics.

Mr Ian Wong, CEO of Continuous Technologies says, We are honored to take part in the implementation of Virtual Customer Assistant of Octopus. We will continue to take the Virtual Customer Assistant to the next level, enhancing the user experience of more people.

Customers are increasingly turning to digital channels and self-service as their first point of contact for information and support, says Mr Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual. Forward-thinking companies like Octopus recognize this and are leveraging conversational chatbots to improve their digital engagement.


Creative Virtual Contact:
Mandy Reed
email: [email protected]

Continuous Technologies Contact:
Winnie Wong
email: [email protected]


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