Top Five Key Points to Consider Before Purchasing a Natural Language Powered Help System Guidelines Published by Creative Virtual

Purchasing Checklist Serves as Complimentary Educational Reference Material for Prospective Buyers

Creative Virtual developed and released an educational reference to provide a guide for organizations looking to purchase a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Help System.Business man with checkboxes

This Purchasing Checklist aims to help guide prospective buyers through the process of deciding whether an NLP system is an appropriate fit for their organization based on listing out what functions these help systems are capable of performing and what functions they are not suited for.

The guidelines also provide useful pointers to interested buyers with regard to which vendor to select and the expertise that vendor should have.

“NLP systems are a good fit for many organizations. They will integrate with many backend systems that companies already have”, Richard Simons, CEO of Creative Virtual USA said. “Our goal in creating this document is to let buyers know what is out there and provide some useful tips in terms of what specific areas to research.”

Click here to view the entire Purchasing Checklist: Key Points for Buying NLP Help Systems.

Courtney Schreier
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