Creative Virtual Announces V-Person Mobile

Easily Deployable, Natural Conversational System Extends Knowledge Management Platform & Improves Customer Service Experience From Any Mobile Device

On September 25, 2012 Creative Virtual, a leader in self-service customer experience management solutions for global enterprises, announced the rollout of V-Person Mobile™ as a tool to help companies keep pace with the warp-speed mobile revolution, estimated to reach 8 billion subscribers worldwide by 2016.* V-Person Mobile combines Creative Virtual’s best-in-breed natural conversational system with its superior knowledge management capabilities to enable businesses to extend conversations to smartphones, game consoles or tablet computers with virtual assistants that can answer customer questions or send alerts, reminders, and notifications 24/7.

“We recommend that large B2C and B2B organizations consider Creative Virtual’s V-Person™ technology to add cross-channel virtual assisted service to their customer service application portfolio,” states Mitch Kramer, Greenhill Analysis. “Its virtual agents can deliver answers to any customers’ questions, lowering cost to serve, and improving customer satisfaction.”

“Easy implementation and deployment across platforms, intelligent virtual assistants that have mastered the art of natural conversation, and real-time reports on mobile customer behavior are key attributes that set V-Person Mobile apart in the industry,” states Creative Virtual Founder & CEO Chris Ezekiel. “V-Person Mobile ensures full-scale customer management from any mobile device, empowering consumers to use the most advanced virtual assistant technology anytime, anywhere — while allowing businesses to scale their customer service operations at a lower cost per conversation.”

With minimal development, faster response times, and reduced customer support costs, V-Person Mobile keeps companies on the cutting edge of self-directed customer service and gives consumers mobile technology they have come to expect. Its unique, conversational interface, and natural language capability gives consumers the sensation of speaking to a “real” person who can hold entire conversations.

Other benefits include:

  • Customer Specific: Logged-in customers receive personalized information to their questions such as: “What is my account balance?” V-Person Mobile can connect to other systems using Web Services to provide real time information.
  • Speech Integration: V-Person Mobile uses native or other speech technology voice applications to translate speech to text, allowing virtual assistants to have intelligent conversations with consumers.
  • Minimal Development: Our server centric architecture enables updates to be made without changes to mobile apps. Virtual assistants are deployed through a browser interface that runs across all mobile platforms using HTML5, our standard app or integrated within existing company apps.
  • Mobile Device Compatibility: Integration with device services enables targeted communication based on location and event.
  • SMS Friendly: Customers can interact using natural language and text-speak using SMS from their mobile devices.

“Our new V-Person Mobile is a powerful solution that meets customer needs and cements our industry leadership,” says Creative Virtual’s USA CEO, Richard Simons. “We are committed to helping clients and other large organizations continue to evolve their multi-platform customer relationship strategy with customized solutions that directly support their business goals.”

V-Person Mobile expands Creative Virtual’s knowledge management solution set to its global clients in the financial services, telecommunications, retail and other industries looking to adapt a mobile platform into their current customer relationship strategy. Large enterprises like Verizon, HSBC and E*TRADE utilize the company’s virtual assistant technology to improve self-service support, reduce call center volumes, and improve product support content. Creative Virtual’s technology has an accuracy rate of over 90%, and call deflection rate up to 50%, driving operational efficiency and increasing bottom line savings.

Download the Demo App or to learn more, please visit the V-Person Mobile page.

* Cisco’s “Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast”, February 2012



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