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V-Person Service Desk

The service desk is more important than ever to organizations and, with the right tools in place, presents the perfect opportunity to improve productivity and efficiency. With V-Person Service Desk from Creative Virtual, employees are empowered to self-serve on their preferred device regardless of when and where they need support. Your V-Person virtual agent will understand questions asked in natural language and instantly provide users with the personalized information they seek. By offering employees an easy and convenient way to self-serve, organizations are seeing average call deflection rates of 20-30% and reductions of up to 80% in live chat sessions that might otherwise have required service desk agent support.

Why V-Person Service Desk Works

  • Shift Work Left – By giving employees the proper tools to troubleshoot and solve common problems anytime, anywhere, organizations are able to ‘shift work left’. Service desk costs are reduced and productivity is improved.
  • Complementary Solution – V-Person Service Desk is designed to be complementary to the systems and processes already in place and can be easily integrated with Single Sign-On (SSO), ticketing systems and third party databases, as well as with live chat systems for a personalized, seamless experience.
  • Natural Language Conversation – The intelligent virtual agent engages employees in a natural language conversation and provides an instant, single answer every time to create an easy, convenient way to self-serve.
  • Centralised Knowledge Management – V-Person Service Desk is backed by V-Portal™, our innovative knowledge management, workflow management and business intelligence reporting platform. This provides tightly integrated editing, testing, workflow and reporting functionality to easily manage the flow of content and deployment of service desk virtual agents.
  • Experienced Team – Regardless of whether you opt for a fully managed service from Creative Virtual, to manage the system in-house, or for a combination of these, you will always benefit from the on-going support and expertise of our experienced team.



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