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V-Person Social Media

V-Person Social Media employs the most advanced natural language and knowledge management technologies to deliver personalized, self-service social experiences to your customers on Facebook, Twitter or any social media network. Virtual assistants can answer questions and interact with your customers 24 hours per day/7 days per week allowing you to focus your human resources on higher-level tasks.

Why V-Person Social Media Works

  • Social Network Integration: V-Person Social Media integrates with any social media channel including Facebook, Twitter, blogs and community forums making your company available 24/7 with the most up-to-date information. Posts can be liked, as with any other post. You control the sources and level of information delivered through your virtual assistant such as approved community forums or third-party blogs as well as the internal information from your organization.
  • Customized Branding: V-Person Social Media allows companies to go beyond branding and add personality to their social profiles. Custom avatars can be developed in any form and have the conversational tone that will extend your brand into an interactive experience for your fans and followers, while providing answers to their customer service, marketing and sales questions. 
  • Customer Specific: V-Person Social Media aggregates company information making it easier for customers to get the answers they are looking for. Depending on the level of integration, customers can receive answers to publicly available questions like “When is the next train?” or receive more personalized information such as “Where is my order?”
  • Natural Language: Customers ask questions and receive answers in natural language. As a result, customers can hold entire conversations with virtual assistants that will provide a consistent, personalized experience for your fans and followers. Using natural language leverages the characteristics of social channels, speeds up response time and creates a user-friendly environment for customers to interact with your company on a regular basis.
  • Real-Time Metrics: V-Person Social Media provides a unique level of business intelligence unavailable with traditional analytics. Get detailed reports on questions asked, answered and unanswered, track satisfaction rates, and monitor deflection rates by social channel. With this data, you can analyze social media conversations and content effectiveness to better understand customer behavior and intent.

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