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V-Portal is an omnichannel knowledge management system utilizing natural language technology to power and enable positive customer experiences. With V-Portal you can create interactive virtual assistants for web, mobile/tablets, SMS, and social media that deliver personalized conversations to your customer 24 hours per day/7 days per week.

Through intelligent knowledge management, drag and drop workflow tools and real-time, actionable reporting, organizations can easily nurture customer relationships through a variety of contact points. In doing so, V-Portal helps enterprises build brand loyalty and increase customer engagement by helping companies deliver comprehensive self-service solutions. Our solutions help clients achieve contact deflection rates of up to 80% at a fraction of the cost, increase agent productivity, reduce cost and achieve higher customer satisfaction rates.

Why V-Portal Works

V-Portal combines platform agnostic content and knowledge management software with powerful workflow tools that can aggregate content across your organization and deliver it using intelligent virtual assistant technology to customers using an advanced natural language platform. The result is engaging and helpful customer conversations that increase online interactions and reduce stress on your contact center.

  • Manage cross-channel content from numerous areas of your business from one central repository. V-Portal aggregates content from your internal databases and call centers, live chat transcripts and customer experiences that are used to create customer-specific conversations using natural language V-Person™ technology. By unlocking silos within your organization, you can access, share and modify content based on real-time customer interaction data.
  • Personalize and integrate with internal knowledge and data repositories. Conversations can be integrated with internal systems that can be used to validate, update and present data to the user to create a personalized experience that reduces customer effort.
  • Create multistep processes. V-Portal’s simple drag and drop graphical decision tree editor allows for the creation of complex flow charts with minimal effort, even on mobile devices.
  • Drive customer conversations using advanced natural language processing software. Our virtual assistants give customers the sensation of communicating with a “real” person who can hold entire conversations. Sophisticated logic and algorithms transfer customer queries to the knowledge center to uncover intent and then return the appropriate answer. These conversations can be delivered through any medium, in any language and customized based on channel to enable authentic communications.
  • Manage tasks and approvals between multiple users via one interface. Intuitive controls in V-Portal help define tasks so you can effectively manage your resources and update content. Tasks are configurable by project and displayed via a dashboard so users can quickly cycle through tasks like approvals and content creation. The audit trail helps set priorities and provides strong levels of accountability for content authors and other users of the system.
  • Instantly improve your results with robust real-time, actionable reporting on customer satisfaction. V-Portal provides valuable insights into customer behavior and interaction that is unavailable with traditional web analytics. Transcripts of customer conversations can be easily managed and analyzed giving you multiple, tacit views of what your customers are saying, thinking and feeling. You can also identify questions that have gone unanswered and view feedback, call deflection, conversion and satisfaction data right next to each question for a more real-time and granular view of your success.
  • Enjoy flexible hosting and support solutions that are scalable in any environment. Whether hosted by Creative Virtual or on your site, V-Portal can be managed with the help of our team of experts, handled by your in-house team or a hybrid of both. As a managed service, Creative Virtual will handle the entire implementation and ongoing management using the V-Portal suite of tools. For in-house management, V-Portal has been designed for you to manage the complete system.

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V-Portal Overview

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