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CRMXchange Technology Innovation Showcase:
Chatbots, Virtual Agents and Your Contact Center


Date: Thursday, September 7, 2017

Time: 11:00 am ET / 8:00 am PT

Presenter: Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO, Creative Virtual

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Media hype and overpromising from some industry vendors have created unrealistic expectations for AI chatbots, whilst at the same time industry analysts are predicting significant increases in chatbots and virtual agents in the customer service space. What does this really mean for the future of customer engagement and your contact center?

Join Creative Virtual for a realistic look at AI and chatbots in the customer experience space along with a series of live demonstrations showcasing how you can leverage this technology to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and build brand loyalty while also reducing support costs. Learn more about:

  • The impact of chatbots and virtual agents on the contact center, including lower costs, reduced staff turnover and more engaged, skilled and happier agents
  • Why chatbots should use a combination of self-learning and human input to create consistent and reliable support experiences
  • How humans and machines can work in harmony to provide perfect customer service
  • Leveraging AI and chatbots to prepare your contact center for the future

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About the presenter:

Chris EzekielChris Ezekiel has a technical, sales and marketing background. He has been working in the world of virtual assistants since 2000 and founded Creative Virtual in November 2003. Employing his technical and entrepreneurial skills, and through the development of the enterprise level V-Person technology, he has established Creative Virtual as one of the world’s leading providers of virtual assistants. He has a passion for creativity, innovation, technology and physics, and in his spare time enjoys snowboarding and watching his beloved West Ham (where his optimistic nature is sometimes stretched to the limit!).