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The Most Powerful Natural Conversational System That Accurately Personalises the Customer Experience  

Using virtual assistants well versed in the most advanced natural conversational system, businesses can efficiently manage content company-wide and deploy intelligence to your customer-facing employees, or directly to your customers, at a lower cost per conversation.  

V-Person technology is used by customer support, sales, marketing and call centre teams worldwide to reduce costs, increase sales and achieve operational excellence. 

Why V-Person Works

  • Natural Language: Customers get the sensation of communicating with a “real" person who can hold entire conversations with an accuracy of over 90%. Using powerful Natural Language Processing, our V-Person technology is able to understand the intent of the question, ask further questions if required, and then return the right answer to the customer.
  • Personalised Support: Logged-in customers can receive personalised information in answer to their questions such as “What is my account balance?” or “What are my outstanding orders?”
  • Faster Response: Improve contact centre performance and customer experience by delivering the right information to each agent at the right time.
  • Lower Costs: Streamline operations through social, mobile and web channels while increasing call avoidance by up to 50%.
  • Centralised Knowledge Management: Deployed from V-Portal™, an integrated multi-channel knowledge management platform designed to help you streamline and tailor your customer and agent communications to lower the cost per contact.
  • Robust Analytics: Gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, interaction and satisfaction that is unavailable with traditional web analytics and use this to improve your content in real time. 
  • Fast Turnaround: Get up and running in less than three months so you can realise the benefits of improved customer experience and operational efficiency as soon as possible. 

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