Tips for Deploying AI Chatbots & Virtual Agents

Get a behind-the-scenes look at chatbot, virtual agent and conversational AI technology, learn best practices for deploying self-service tools and get tips for using AI and machine learning to improve performance.

Orchestrating a Seamless & Efficient Customer Experience

Through a series of demonstrations and practical tips, learn how to bring together AI and human input to provide quality self-service options, improve live chat and contact centre performance, and increase customer satisfaction scores.

Humans & AI: The Perfect CX Power Couple

Many organisations are struggling to deliver a positive customer experience as they deal with more contact channels than ever before. Fortunately, there is a powerful new CX approach to help them build better relationships with customers: combining artificial intelligence and humans.

AI, Chatbots & Live Chat: Separating Truth from Myth

When it comes to incorporating artificial intelligence, chatbots, virtual agents and live chat into their customer support strategy, organisations need to make decisions based on realistic expectations. But with so much media hype and overpromising from some industry vendors, it can be a challenge to separate the truth from the myth.

Chatbots, Virtual Agents and Your Contact Centre

Media hype and overpromising from some industry vendors have created unrealistic expectations for AI chatbots, whilst at the same time industry analysts are predicting significant increases in chatbots and virtual agents in the customer service space. What does this really mean for the future of customer engagement and your contact centre?

Combining the Virtual and the Real for Customer Engagement Success

Personalised, consistent and accurate engagement anytime, anywhere – customers expect it and are left disappointed when organisations fail to deliver it. With customer experience being a key factor in purchasing decisions, smart companies are turning to the combination of virtual and real support to successfully provide omnichannel engagement.