Digital CX Roundtable

Creative Virtual’s Annual Digital CX Executive Roundtable Continues Tradition of Connecting Digital Transformation Peers

By Rick Hancock, Enterprise Account Executive, Creative Virtual USA

People were laughing, telling stories, sharing real world experiences amongst their peers at last month’s Creative Virtual 3rd Annual Digital CX Executive Roundtable in NYC.

Tuesday, April 18th kicked off the two-day event. Attendees met at an exclusive cabaret performance that brought us all back to the fun of the Prohibition era. Delicious “in theme” cocktails were delivered to your seat, at pace, in between each skit, which certainly helped get the party started quickly. The cast were very talented Broadway performers who put on an incredible up-close and personal show for us all. Everyone became part of the show at some point, some participating from their seat while a few lucky people were selected to join the stage for something a little extra. Attendees also got to meet the cast after the show. Every year we try and do something uniquely fun. This one will be hard to top next year.

Wednesday was an exceptional day. We started the morning with a breakfast banquet meet & greet. For many, faces were familiar from the night before, no ice breakers were really needed, everyone was keen to get started. The agenda began with a Keynote presentation from Kyle Scofield, a leading pioneering digital strategist, from both Time Warner Cable and EarthLink. He began the session speaking from his own experience – Leading Transformation Initiatives – Delivering on a Vision. He highlighted that today customers want Self Help, to be Connected, to be Automated and for brands, to achieve this at a Lower Cost.

From the positive feedback received, attendees appreciated the opportunity to have an open and friendly discussion with other like-minded peers. Everyone involved used the forum to share some part of their own digital experience which provided useful insights for each other. It was a great way to collaborate on new topics, discuss what works, how we got here, what’s next and most importantly, what role people will need to play for future success. Having a trusted advisor to help navigate potential obstacles for customers proved valuable.

Attendees were impressed after seeing actual program success metrics by some of our existing enterprise customers, such as 85% digital containment, meaning customers were able self-serve without the need to escalate to a chat/voice agent. Some brands experienced 80%+ Digital Containment using Creative Virtual’s automated conversational systems. Another customer referred to their deployment as a “virtual concierge”, the gateway to a seamless omnichannel experience, using our centralized knowledgebase to provide uniform answers across all channels. When one attendee discovered his company could automate 40%+ of all their internal help desk password reset inquires he nearly fell off his chair. “Wow!” he said. The icing on the cake for some folks was revealed in a live demonstration by Scott Tompkins, Enterprise Account Executive, who showed how easily the bot can provide intelligent instant answers for the chat agent to review, optionally curate and then pass onto the customer increasing agent efficiencies by 33%. Finally, to end the discussion, Scott demonstrated our integration with Alexa with a few voice commands to upgrade his TV package and get access to HBO’s Game Of Thrones.

Our thanks to Happy Hour Entertainment for the fun cabaret performance and getting our event off to a great start! And thanks to Kyle and all of our attendees for joining us at the Executive Roundtable. The insights and thought-provoking questions you shared are what made the event such a success. Hope to see you again next year!

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