#CV10Years – A Day in the Life of a Junior Development & Support Technician

By Ferenc Csepregi, Junior Development & Support Technician

Don’t let the title mislead you – this article is not just for ‘techies’ and in no way will aim to bore you with difficult technical terms. Instead, I hope to give you an insight into what it’s like to be a part of both Creative Virtual’s London-based team and the company’s international Technical Team.

On this particular morning it’s a lovely warm and sunny day, and I’m holding a fresh cup of coffee. During my walk to the office, while sipping my beverage, I cannot resist stopping for a second to stare a bit at the jaw dropping view of those golden sunrays reflecting from the side of Canary Wharf skyscrapers. This is my moment to pause for a second and energize, inspire my mind – when I do the best thing I could in the morning, as I come across with the most creative ideas in these hours before my brain gets “distracted” by other things.

FeriI arrive at the office feeling inspired and beefed up with great ideas. I open the door, step in and face the reality – the reality that everybody else is just as ready to face the day as me (and usually also have a cup of coffee or tea in hand!). The office is a perfect place to share ideas, develop, improve, brainstorm, discuss, and collaborate with others. Each member of the team is original, with individual personalities and different views, but share one thing: a passion for creating innovation. As a member of the Tech Team, I’m proud to help computers understand humans – sometimes I feel like I’m performing magic, just like David Blaine.

In some ways the Tech Team runs the day nursery of our Virtual Assistants, monitoring servers and processes on each system to ensure that users have 24/7 access and assisting Knowledge Base Engineers to keep our Virtual Assistants as ‘clever’ as possible. The diversity of skills within the Tech Team allow us to work on multiple back-and front-end projects to continuously improve our installs and make our technology, including V-Portal™ (our knowledge management, workflow and reporting platform), more robust, more reliable and faster. We keep users in focus –for example, developing multiplatform solutions which tackle the massive growth of mobile visitors and incorporate sleek and bespoke UI (User Interface) designs. Speed is a very important ingredient in our work, and that’s why we design our system to reflect this in practice. We pay special attention to our deployment techniques so organisations have a quick setup and smooth finish in no time.

Even on days I have to face heavy rains and what must be 110 mph winds with just a small, foldable umbrella, I’m able to find inspiration in the next challenge on my ‘To Do’ list. It’s great to work for a company that has developed its own technology and to be a part of an international team working together to implement, maintain and improve that technology.