#CV10Years – Our 10k for the RSPCA

By Rachel Freeman, Head of Operations

As Creative Virtual celebrates 10 years of being in business, the incentive to recognise it with fun and innovative markers is great. Our global Marketing Manager put us through our paces reminding us (or our pets) to wear our 10th anniversary fleeces in weird and wonderful places and, as we are only in April, the year is still young and there are many places to go.

Rachel Central Park

Rachel takes a break from her 10k training in Central Park on a recent trip to NYC

As a keen but fledgling “runner” I thought that suggesting a 10k run for 10 years would be a challenge – if not for anybody else then certainly for me as I’ve only ever run a maximum of 6k and I needed an excuse for a new goal.

I canvassed some of my colleagues who I knew ran and then searched the web for a local-to-London 10k run. I found the British 10k London Run being held on July 13th and it appealed due to the route which passes iconic London landmarks. Perfect for celebrating 10 years of a company that started in the heart of the East End of London (Isle of Dogs)!

The RSPCA is not only one of our customers, but also a very worthy cause close to the hearts of our animal loving Creative Virtual team and so it seemed fitting to coordinate fundraising for them. Our Administrative Assistant Lucy (of Galaxy Minstrels fame) jumped in to help liaise with the RSPCA to organise the best way to get a team of runners on our side to the run on July 13th.

The result is a Creative Virtual corporate team—Chris, Jeff, David, Bj?rn, Enda, Tracey, Chloe, Julie, and Sam will be joining me, with a few others still undecided—who need to raise £1000 by June 1st and another £500 by mid-July. We have decided to set up a JustGiving page that will not only mark the run but will also be the place for the whole Creative Virtual team to come up with other ways to fundraise for the RSPCA that need not involve moving legs at a distance.

May 2nd features our ‘Wear an Animal Onesie to Work Day’ and plans are afoot to have a Crazy Chicken Kart race in the office as well. Some of the Bristol-based team may do a bake sale and we might even have an auction.

As I write we have raised 9% of our goal – £146 so far. We shall keep you posted on our latest fundraising efforts and possibly training woes as we near July 13th.

So as we prepare to don a onesie, run, bake, eat a lot of food in too little time, race virtual chickens or race ourselves, please give a thought to the work done by the RSPCA and pay a visit to our JustGiving page. If you are in the UK, you can also text CVCV50 and your donation amount (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10) to 70070. Thanks in advance for all your support!