#CV10Years – V-Portal™ is Revealed to the World

By Peter Behrend, Chief Technical Officer

For the first part of the company’s history, Creative Virtual was focused on providing natural language virtual assistant solutions as a standalone self-service solution. As our solutions became more sophisticated, additional possibilities for service channels began to emerge, and consumer preferences and expectations changed, it became increasingly obvious to us that the future of our technology would be much more than just virtual assistants. And so we embarked on a mission that resulted in what you today know as V-Portal, our multi-channel knowledge management, workflow and business intelligence tool.

V-PortalWe officially announced V-Portal to the world in October 2012, but that was by no means the beginning or the end of our journey. V-Portal was developed based on years of our own observations and experiences as well as the feedback and wish lists of our customers. It allows organisations to aggregate cross-channel content from internal databases, live chat transcripts, call centres, CRM and business intelligence tools from a single platform, thereby eliminating pesky information silos. This content can then be used to deliver company and customer specific information across multiple support channels, such as the web, call centre, mobile and social media, via our intelligent virtual assistant technology. The easy to use drag and drop graphical editor, sophisticated and customisable workflow and permission management capabilities, and unique reporting and analytics dashboard combine with our powerful natural language engine to create a platform that has been described as ‘a significantly strong differentiator in the industry, and one that will exceed customer expectations’ by Patricia Seybold Group.

Since it’s official release in 2012, we’ve continued to expand on V-Portal’s functionality and are constantly reviewing our technology roadmap to ensure we are providing our customers with the innovative solutions that will best serve their organisations and, of course, their customers. You can learn more about V-Portal on our website and also download the full report from Patricia Seybold Group here.