Forrester Forum for CX Professionals: Maximizing the Customer Experience

By Courtney Schreier, Marketing Manager, Americas

The recent Forrester Forum for Customer Experience (CX) Professionals, “Why Good Is Not Good Enough” proved to be well worth the cost of admission. One key theme was focused around providing a consistent experience every time a customer engages with a brand, which in turn drives brands to become more trusted, remarkable, unmistakable and essential. The event attracted a wide variety of attendees across many verticals, all of whom had the common denominating factor of being focused on the customer experience sector.

The forum included excellent speakers from Verizon, Mercedes Benz, KPMG LLC, and PwC. The event also validated the fact that creating strategic partnerships with other suppliers in the CX space is critical.

The forum brought up some interesting questions that Creative Virtual is focused on delivering to our customers:

1.)   How do you deliver high quality consistency with so many different technologies trying to retrieve countless pieces of content?

The need to deliver the correct information, regardless of the device your customer is using is a big imperative for companies today. You need common content, consistent answers and processes. Creative Virtual’s V-Person™ can deliver just such a solution that allows common processes to be available on all channels.

2.) How do you determine what aspect of the CX best fits into your diverse customer population to maximize improvement?

Customers want you to recognize their individual wants and needs. They want to know that the companies they do business with value them and are accommodating their requests. V-Person technology provides the essential personalization element that allows companies to offer their customer answers to their questions based specifically on their accounts, products they are using or device/channel they are contacting the company from.

3.) How do you measure improvement, benchmark and continually improve?

In order to focus on quantifying your success you need a robust reporting system that tracks and reports on customer data in real-time. Creative Virtual’s solution contains reporting functionality that gathers Voice-of-the-Customer feedback and delivers it back to clients, allowing clients to keep track of their customers’ changing priorities and concerns while they are occurring. It also serves as an extremely useful tool for measuring customer satisfaction.

V-Person is a tool that can help companies move forward in the customer experience frontier, creating an engagement that is better than just “good.” Thank you to everyone that stopped by to see us at our booth this year. We will be back to exhibit at Forrester Customer Experience East 2015!  If you would like more information about V-Person, please contact us here.