Forrester’s Forum for Customer Experience Professionals Starts Tuesday. We’ll be there!

By Karen McFarlane, VP of Marketing, Americas

The coolest thing about this event is that you’ll get to meet people that are totally serious about customer experience and how it impacts their business goals. Everyone in attendance will be itching to find new ways to improve engagement and create high quality experiences. It’s always fascinating to find out what challenges other people face and how they overcame them to achieve success. What I’ve learned quite definitively over the course of my career is that everyone has a unique story. What works at one company may not work at another, but it’s the process of learning from one another that helps us meet these challenges in the middle.

image-CXNYC2015Check out the agenda. The theme is “Why Good Is Not Good Enough.” Two main buzzwords stick out – customer obsession and loyalty. This event is all about creating customer focused processes throughout your organization so you can have happy brand advocates that stay loyal and true. It covers everything from achieving emotional brand impact to building personalized connections across channels to implementing customer experience design. Backed by analyst research and real-life case studies, you’ll leave there not only with comprehensive insights on how to build a successful CEX program, but also with clear action items on how to take meaningful, incremental steps to devise a customer-focused plan that also drives profits.

The event takes place June 16th – June 17th. Thought leaders from many major brands will be in attendance including the New York Mets, Panera Bread, Wells Fargo, Birchbox, GE, Ford Motor Company, Capital One, DirectTV, JetBlue, Cadillac, and Wyndham Worldwide. The list is quite impressive. You’ll find Creative Virtual team members soaking up all the good intel this forum has to offer or at Booth #204 where we’ll be showing live demos of our technology. Please take a moment to stop by to see our technology in action, plus we have some really cool giveaways to share. If you haven’t registered, there is still time. Click here if you’ll be in NYC and want to attend the event.