Have you seen our Smart Customer Journey Infographic?

By Courtney Schreier, Marketing Manager, Americas

Creative Virtual has recently posted our first infographic: The 4 Elements of the Smart Customer Journey. We have received good feedback on the infographic wanted and to make sure everyone is aware of it and has had a chance to view it here.CV_info

The concept of the smart customer journey and the idea of smart help are two terms often used in the customer experience space today. But what makes a customer service interaction “smart?”  When I think of a smart interaction, I think of a secure system that requires some bit of vital information from me, but will return me the correct answer in a simple fashion, in a short amount of time and save me the inconvenience of further interactions.

Ease of use is a core theme that runs through our infographic. Personalization is also a big concept. Smart help is easy to access and use, with key prompts that offer disambiguation questions to clarify and customize answers for a user based on their profile, creating a personalized experience for the user. This allows users to find an answer to their question with a minimal amount of steps, thereby delivering the maximum amount of impact in terms of the customer experience: saving time.

A smart system is also continually improving itself by constantly collecting and interpreting customer data to improve the answers it’s delivering customers. This feedback loop ensures customers always receive the most accurate, up-to-date answers, based on real-time information.

To read more about what our infographic contains and to request more information, click here.