‘Eureka!’ in the Detail

By Rachel Freeman, Head of Operations

I’m amazed at how often many of us fall into the trap of assuming that something is understood within our various industries based on the fact that we are in it daily. Whilst we work on generating interest via marketing materials, tweets, webinars and blogs and talk about the big picture of, in our case, the incredible utility of self-help tools, we sometimes forget the basics and the oft missed gold dust in the daily transactions of what many of us, customer and supplier alike, take for granted or possibly even overlook.

All of the Creative Virtual Smart Help tools have wide capabilities to report on detailed user interactions, survey comments, and high level summary information including total amount of conversations, questions asked, clicked FAQs and, of course, the level of success in terms of how well the tool has responded in order to enable a smooth and satisfying customer experience.

In all cases we review and create reports both for client and internal consumption to get both business intelligence and operational views.

It all sounds great so far, but the reality is we all know how easy it can be to not look at the specific elements or beyond the first page of a report when we are busy with so many other tasks. It saves time to look at summary details only – but this is the potential ‘Eureka!’ moment we miss because we haven’t stopped to see the treasure in the detail.

For us, these details can be the user comments from our user surveys that may say “Thanks so much for the help; great tool!” or indeed “I’m so angry that no one is giving me the snail mail address in your answer!”, “Why can’t you let me cancel online?” or “I want more information on widget z not gizmo b.” These nuggets of information give us insight into our customers’ perspectives and yet, because we get stuck on focusing on overall monthly trends, we may miss the personalised comments which will help us improve the customer journey and experience.

Overall numeric trends showing ROI based on call, email and live chat savings is gold dust in itself, no question. However, it’s also important to appreciate how the detail in individual customer feedback can give us valuable insight we can’t get by examining the summary statistics alone.

For more information about how Creative Virtual’s powerful Voice of the Customer reporting options can give your organisation a personalised ‘Eureka!’ moment, request a live demo with an experienced member of our team.


Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at FreeDigitalPhotos.net