NetFinance Gives Banks Something to Think About

By Reg Johnson, COO, Creative Virtual USA

Last week several members of our team here made the trip down to Miami for the NetFinance 2014 conference. Over the course of the conference, we were able to meet with both current and prospective clients and industry experts alike. Richard Simons, CEO of Creative Virtual USA presented at the Tuesday “Omnichannel and Big Data Day”. Richard gave a great presentation that detailed best practices in terms of the trends as to how customers are interacting with enterprises, and the benefits of compiling and leveraging customer data to create a more “personalized digital experience”, and the resulting satisfaction metrics and potential upsell opportunities that come out of this. This is something that we offer clients as part of our digital customer experience solutions.

We had the opportunity to attend many of the discussions over the course of our time at the conference. We found that the speakers’ presentations were consistent as to the  thought leadership on where financial entities needed to focus their energy and investments, related to the “Digital Client Experience”, to remain competitive and relevant in the industry. There was a heavy focus on the theme of continuous improvement on customer satisfaction throughout all interactions within the enterprise. This means companies need to be on-board with having a consistent presence across multiple channels (both online and mobile) that also carries through to brick and mortar locations where applicable. Another key point was that mobile is the path forward for most consumers, and banks need to focus on ways to leverage improved customer satisfaction into up-sell opportunities and to also support cost reductions.

These elements are strategically aligned with the core benefits to Creative Virtual’s V-Person™ solution. Our technology offers banks (and other industries) a customer experience solution that gives customers an easy and seamless path to self-service across all channels where they bank. Our clients have used V-Person technology to sell to their customers and prospects, based on questions that are asked of our system and given customers’ preferences and services. This is really smart technology and this is the path forward for banking.

The venue for the conference was beautiful, and served as a great backdrop for exchanging ideas with numerous veterans of the financial services industry. I look forward to our next U.S. show, Forrester Customer Experience East, from June 24-25th in New York City.