Our 10k for the RSPCA: The Aftermath

By Rachel Freeman, Head of Operations

First, the important bits: we are all in one piece, we ALL did it and we surpassed our fundraising goal of £1,500 to almost £1,700 for the RSPCA! We thank all of our colleagues, friends and family for both financial and emotional support in preparing for this race!

I cannot believe that I am now writing the “yay we did it and aren’t we awesome and Thank You” blog when it feels like only a few weeks ago that I was writing the first blog announcing Creative Virtual’s 10th Anniversary plan of a 10k for the RSPCA. I actually wrote the first draft on April 15th – 3 months ago….!

In that space of time, we’ve posted photos of us in our racing gear, animal onesies and fleeces and taking part in various fundraising activities including the cocktail gala and animal selfies. We’ve also shared updates on our training exploits as part of our ‘Featured Runners of the Day’ posts and kept an internal team Skype thread.

The training paid off for all of us – we all crossed the finish line on Sunday and we all enjoyed the day – which started out overcast and slightly drizzly and cleared up a bit (with a muggy atmosphere) and then poured temporarily on a few of us at the end. Running on Westminster Bridge was a crisis point for me in terms of feeling tired, but it was such a beautiful sight to behold Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament whilst moving – I guess it inspired many of us.

10k medalOur timings ranged from 50 minutes (speedy Maria Ward Gonzalez!) through to 1:42 and happy. We were a team to be reckoned with based on our enthusiasm and determination, and I think it may be safe to say that we’d all be up for doing this again next year.

Matt from the RSPCA met most of us at Doggetts pub on the South Bank for celebratory drinks, food and some photos of us in our RSPCA shirts with our shiny (and rather large and impressive!) medals.

Thanks again to you all for the support in exceeding our fundraising goal for the RSPCA and for cheering us on in spirit – maybe we’ll be back with more exploits in 2015 and if anyone else wants to join us, let us know! Congratulations to the whole 10k team—Chris, Lucy, Leah, Tracey, Jeff, David, Bj?rn, Maria, Sam, Chloe and Julie—and thanks for joining me!

If you haven’t yet sponsored our team, donations for the RSPCA are still being accepted through our JustGiving page.