[Part 5] How Top Banks Leverage IVAs to Enable Self-Service: How We Deploy IVAs

By Richard Simons, CEO of Creative Virtual USA

This is the fifth post in our seven-part blog series – How Top Banks Leverage Intelligent Virtual Assistants to Enable Self-Service.


When we are working with a financial institution, we’re not starting from scratch. We have a financial services template that we use to deploy these systems and are actually starting with over 600 questions that we’ve already developed using our natural language engine. From there, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to customize the system and provide the specific answers to those questions based on their business model and offerings.

Oftentimes, customization starts by using your live chat transcripts so we can obtain the true voice of the customer. When using live chats as a starting point, we categorize the chats into groups in an automated fashion using our financial services template. These categories tell us what the top issues are by percentage, how they were solved, and the level of satisfaction.

Using live chat transcripts is also a great way of evaluating how effective the intelligent virtual agent (IVA) is going to be before we deploy. Therefore, you can see what kind of ROI you’ll receive from the IVA even before you become a client. It’s also very revealing to see the repetitive nature of live chat; how the same answers are just being provided over and over again that could have been quickly provided by an automated system.

Using our knowledge management system, V-Portal™, we then design a content creation and approval stream since we understand that in many financial institutions content may have to go through management and legal channels before it can become public facing. V-Portal can easily interface with existing approval systems as well as your CRM, web and mobile applications and other proprietary systems with ease.  In terms of coding, our code is scanned by Veracode, but if clients have a specific product that they want us to use to do their scans, we can do that as well.

Deploying IVAs across channels is meant to be painless, especially since we have tons of experience deploying these systems in other financial services companies. V-Portal makes it easy. Some IVAs are deployed within our data center. Some are deployed onsite. We provide managed services or clients can take responsibility for the deployment and management of the system themselves. We also have a hybrid model where we do some work and the clients do some work. It’s all about whatever works best for your organization.

Once content is developed, approved and deployed to customers, V-Portal helps you analyze the results. Our reporting is very robust in that it provides actionable insights into customer behavior and interaction that is unavailable with traditional web analytics. You can easily see where to make improvements so you can increase customer satisfaction and engagement in real-time.

We’re not only trying to make things easier for your clients, but also for ours.


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