Read About Us Out in Network World

by Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO

Thanks to Maria Korolov of Network World for including us in her new article, Bye Bye Mouse, Hello Mind Control.  If you haven’t read it yet, it’s a must read. It examines how new user interfaces are transforming the way we interact with computers, including the use of touch, voice,  intelligent virtual agents and even mind control. Yes, mind control!  Here are a couple examples of what Maria presents:ash_hannah_network_world_201212061

  • Voice recognition, now common in customer support and on smartphones, is being used to replace human transcriptionists in fields such as law and medicine.
  • Artificial intelligence like Siri and intelligent virtual agents for enterprise level usability like those offered by Creative Virtual are more prevalently being adopted for their ability to provide more human-like experiences.
  • Eye-tracking technology and integrating gestures with spoken language, though challenging, are being tested to add a whole new dimension to how you interact with your computer.
  • Mind reading devices are already out in the market and being used to read brain waves and restore mobility to the handicapped.

The possibilities are endless with technology advancing at the speed of light. It certainly means that Creative Virtual is on the cutting edge of the latest technologies that are fast becoming fact, not fiction. You can read the full article here.