Socialise Your Brand into Your Customer’s Lifestyle

by Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO

Social networking has become a lifestyle for many consumers and for companies at the forefront of customer experience it has become another opportunity to increase consumer-to-brand interaction and secure loyalty. But the truth is only about 40% of companies today have really made the commitment to bring customers together on social platforms, leaving the others to rely on the call centre as their only public face.

Our latest solution, V-Person Social Media™ is a call to action for enterprises looking to improve customer retention and a demonstration of our own commitment to evolve our suite of self-directed customer service solutions. The social media tool combines the interactive influence of social networking and virtual assistant technology to maximise customer engagement with customer-specific branding, natural language and real-time metrics.

And the success of the solution literally speaks for itself. Our customer National Rail Enquiries, through our partner Virtual Zone, has implemented their ‘Ask Lisa’ application across multiple channels, including integration with their Facebook page, where the virtual assistant has answered over 43,000 questions in less than a year. Verizon has also incorporated V-Person Social Media into its Facebook page to answer questions about its FIOS TV and has even incorporated answers from the community into its virtual assistant. And Park, a retail company, is also reaping similar results with ‘Ask Wanda’ on Facebook.

Putting cross-market companies within social media interaction points is critical for the success of today’s branding strategy. Having an intelligent virtual assistant available to answer questions on your company’s social media networks encourages people to engage with your company and use social media as an avenue for support.  The customer experience is taken to a whole different level when people can expect an immediate response from their social network of choice. It also gives more customer insight into opinions and concerns, while increasing responsiveness in a way that is good for business.

To see V-Person Social Media in action, check out LisaWanda and Verizon on their respective Facebook pages. If you’d like a demo of the platform, request one here.

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