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Training for the Virgin Sport 10k for RSPCA

By Maria Ward, Account Manager/ Knowledgebase Engineer

On Sunday, 15 July 2018 I’ll be joining nine other runners from Creative Virtual – Rachel, Andre, Dinah, David, Chloe, Tracey, Emma, Chris and Steve – for the Virgin Sport Westminster 10k. We’re running to raise money for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). I trained for and ran the London Marathon on 22 April, so you would think that the 10k distance would not be an issue. Wrong!!!

Excuse Number 1: I suffered quite badly with blisters, the worst of which was the size of a planet (a small planet, you understand – like Pluto rather than Jupiter) on the ball of my foot! Walking was excruciating for many days let alone running!

Excuse Number 2: A two-week holiday and all the excesses that accompany it, and only two pitiful runs (during which my planet-sized blister re-opened) left me a good few pounds heavier and with considerably reduced fitness level.

Excuse Number 3: Post holiday blues led to post holiday binge-eating.

But enough of the excuses! The first few post marathon/ holiday runs have been hard. Legs so heavy it felt like gravity had been turned up a notch. Lungs struggling to supply my muscles with oxygen. Every step a thud and no bounce in sight.

10k for RSPCAWith just over a month to go, my foot is allowing me to run up to around 5 miles. I am now going to concentrate on trying to get that spring back in my feet in the hope that I can get somewhere close to my 10k personal best on race day. The rest of the team are stepping up their training too, going for group runs after work when possible, and we’re all reporting our progress on our group chat.

As for the fundraising, I have put some of my weird doodles up for sale (and some people have actually bought a couple!). We’re also selling old monitors from the office with all the proceeds going towards the RSPCA and using cute pictures of puppies to encourage our friends and family to donate.

This is the fourth time a group of Creative Virtual runners are doing a 10k in support of the RSPCA, and we’re excited to be raising money for such a worthy cause. You can sponsor us through our team JustGiving page or, if you’re in the UK, text CVUK55 with an amount of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070.

Team Animal Takes on the British 10K for RSPCA

By Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO

On Sunday, 9th July 2017 a five-member team from Creative Virtual – Rachel, Tracey, Alex, Kristina and myself – will dust off our running shoes and take part in the British 10K to raise money for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). With only about 6 weeks to go until the race, we’ll be stepping up our training and our fundraising efforts. Here are some thoughts on the upcoming run from Tracey and myself:

Tracey running the 10KTracey says: “This will be my third time participating in a 10K. Well, I say participating because with time it’s now better for me to walk than to run because my knees just can’t handle the extra pressure of running. Despite bad knees, I have signed up this year to literally get myself moving again. My goal is to shave some time off of last year’s time and to keep moving forward!

Since I work remotely, my training once again consists of long walks around the village, through the beautiful asparagus and strawberry fields of our local famer and going through the town of Darmstadt. Just recently, training consisted of a climb up into the hills to see Frankenstein Castle.

I always enjoy telling everyone here and afar about our efforts and getting funds drummed up. The RSPCA is such a worthy charity and it’s great supporting their good work. And nothing beats race day. In addition to the mounting anticipation leading up to the event; the excitement on race day is literally palpable – go team!”

As for me, my first ever ‘official’ run was the British 10K, three years ago. And like this year, it was also to raise money for the RSPCA. Since then I’ve done several other organised runs – and this year I did the London Marathon (I said never again as I crossed the finishing line, but now just a couple of weeks later, I’m contemplating my next one! – that’s what running does, it’s like a drug!).

It’s a great feeling leading up to a run – the training can be hard – especially in the UK winter, but I travel quite a lot and always take my running stuff with me. With all that travelling and meetings, I find that running really helps in all sorts of ways – especially my energy levels. It’s also a great way to do some sightseeing in a new place. I love running beside the sea and river – and it’s a great feeling running on the beach barefoot in the surf. A great sense of freedom and being close to nature.

In our busy lives, being able to take a step back and think about things becomes increasingly difficult: ‘contemplation’ is fast becoming an extinct word from our dictionary! I find running gives me the time and state of mind to help me do this, and certainly helps me running (excuse the pun!) Creative Virtual.

Getting back to the build up to a competitive/organised race: there’s a real buzz on the actual day – everybody is focused on the same thing – and it’s amazing how much fun it is. And when you’re doing it for a really worthwhile cause it makes it even more special. This is the third time our company will be running to raise money for the RSPCA and we couldn’t be more proud to represent such a fantastic charity. Of course, there’s always a competitive edge to it – whether that’s trying to beat somebody at work or setting your own personal goal – it all adds to the fun!

The British 10K being in July means it can sometimes be a bit warm, but at least the training is at a good time of the year. The long light evenings gives lots of opportunity to run after work – and I consider myself very fortunate working and living on the Isle of Dogs, as I’ve got some fantastic running routes: great river runs, to the Tower of London for example, through Wapping; through the foot tunnel to Greenwich Park, up to the observatory (the hill is quite challenging! – as is climbing the stairs in the foot tunnel. I’ve often been tempted to take the lift, especially on those occasions where the lift doors have just opened at the right time!); and it’s easy where I live to combine the River Thames, canals, parks, great views and famous landmarks in a single run. We’ve also got a weekly office running club (that’s some of us pictured above!) going which is good fun.

10K QuarkAnd it’s not just about the running: raising money for a charity like the RSPCA gets the whole company involved, as well as family and friends; and knowing all these people are supporting you gives you that extra boost!

You can sponsor us by donating through our 10K Justgiving page or by sending a text if you are in the UK to 70070: CVCV50 and an amount of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10.

Thanks for all of your support – Go Team Animal!