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A Next Generation Digital Solution for Retail Financial Services

By Liam Ryan, Head of Sales

We’re excited to share news of our partnership with Atos to deliver Digital Customer Experience Transformation (DCXT), a next generation digital solution for retail financial services in EMEA. The solution is designed to enable Banks, Wealth Managers and Insurers to attract, keep and grow the value of their customers with a class-leading customer experience platform and intelligent decision support to help them better manage their financial affairs.

Atos selected Creative Virtual as a leader in virtual assistant technology to join them and two other companies, Backbase and Envestnet | Yodlee, as partners in this ‘as a service’ solution. DCXT brings together the strengths of the four industry-leading technology partners to make the most of internal and external data sources in a customer-context sensitive manner and give customers the flexibility to manage their personal finances in a way which reflects their preferences and lifestyle.

The integration with V-Person™ technology, our intelligent virtual assistant technology, enables users to interact with the solution in natural language to pose questions and ask for in-context information based on their current financial position and what they are trying to achieve. This helps customers to define their needs and seize opportunities with context-relevant help and suggestions.

Designed specifically for the highly competitive financial services industry, this unique out-of-the-box solution introduces a new era in customer loyalty, retention and business opportunity. We’re proud to be partnering with Atos on this project and have our flexible virtual assistant technology integrated with other award-winning technologies to offer customers the opportunity to understand and manage their complete financial position in a single platform.

For more information about DCXT, please read our official announcement as well as the launch announcement from Atos.