Talk, Type and Tap for Personalized Answers in Any Channel Webinar Available Now

By Richard Simons, CEO, Creative Virtual USA

Last week, Creative Virtual USA sponsored a webinar featuring speaker Kate Leggett, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc. entitled “Enabling Your Customers to Talk, Type and Tap to Get Personalized Answers in Any Channel.”

KATEThis webinar examined the changing landscape for businesses in the Age of the Customer. Kate provided some interesting insights into the increasing focus of businesses on customer experience and the investments companies are making in consumer-facing technologies. Kate also examined the pitfalls and challenges of actually delivering on this good customer experience promise in a time where people are spending more and more time on multiple channels and may use several devices to complete a single transaction.

I brought up the need for knowledge management and real-time reporting to truly inform business decisions. It seems that many companies go in making investments in consumer-facing technologies “blind,” and therefore achieve poor results or perhaps they are not sure how to analyze customer data once it is compiled. That’s where our V-Person™technology can help!

Registrants were also given the opportunity to submit questions beforehand and also live during the webinar. We received some really great questions that showed a real interest in our topic. To access the recording for this webinar on-demand, please click here.