The Hotel Industry is a Natural Fit for Virtual Agents

By Courtney Schreier, Marketing Manager, Americas

Creative Virtual is very excited to announce a new pilot program for a top hotel chain. The chain selected us based on our strong V-Portal™ offerings, which can enhance the customer experience by empowering customers to self-serve from the device of their choosing.

Booking travel arrangements and accommodation has been a continually changing process over the last decade or more. As an example, my parents used to visit a brick and mortar travel agency to get us tickets to visit Disney World. The signs displayed in their windows used to be exotic full color shots of happy families traipsing through sunny and sandy vistas. I passed that same travel agency just the other day and was shocked to see it was still in business – albeit barely. The shop looked defeated, with a window display adorned sparsely with only a school room blue globe sitting forlornly next to a snow globe. Nothing else was displayed. Despite seeing this relic of my former past in such a sad state, it made me realize how much easier things have now become – I can now book everything from the comfort of my own home, perched rather precariously over a laptop with a steaming coffee at 4 AM, debating whether I want Vermont or Jamaica as a travel destination for New Year’s. What I especially love is the ease of it all – the simplicity of self-service. I like getting these things done on my time, not during the restrictive hours of a store, hours that I’m probably working.

From here, the next stop looks simple. Using virtual agents to help with travel seems like a natural fit. I’m excited to think that having an account with one of the top hotel chains will allow me to benefit from personalized help throughout the process, help I can get while travelling, all from the touch of my mobile phone. I am also excited to have a virtual agent assist me with the booking and reservation process, helping me to redeem my reward points and also to help me sort through all the available promotional offers. Booking travel should be as seamless an experience as possible and I personally believe that using a virtual agent creates that optimal customer experience that travelers crave.