Top US Bank Goes Live with Creative Virtual Solution

By Courtney Schreier, Marketing Manager

We are incredibly pleased to announce that one of the top banks in the US has gone live using our V-Person™ technology for a self-help system.  We estimate that this is the largest installation of an intent-based natural language system in the financial services industry today.

But what’s even more exciting about this deployment is the part V-Portal™has played in it.  V-Portal is our proprietary knowledge management system that allows for advanced personalization across channels.  This is a unique feature in the marketplace today.  From the business perspective, it means that customers are delivered a unique and exceptional experience that is tailored to them and the products and services they are using with the bank.  If the customer is using multiple services with the bank, the process of disambiguation will prompt them to choose between the various options that they are currently using.  This creates an additional layer of customization.

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And this means that customers are getting to the answer they need. Faster.  This is key today, for no matter how often we talk about it, it is still worth mentioning again: it’s no longer about delighting your customer.  It’s about getting them the answer they need. Quickly.  With minimal touchpoints.  Customers don’t want to be impressed by the sheer awesome politeness of a representative.  They want things to be easy so they can move on with their life.  V-Portal is the cornerstone to this ease of use for customers and companies alike.  To find out more about V-Portal and its capabilities, contact us for a demonstration here.