Creative Virtual Adds Valuable Insight to Successful Roundtable for KMWorld Magazine

by Richard Simons, CEO of Creative Virtual USA

On October 23, 2012, I participated in KMWorld’s roundtable webinar, Creating a Great Customer Experience: People + Process + Technology.  Over 250 attendees registered for the event, and my fellow speakers were Kelly Koelliker, Product Marketing Manager for Kana, and Duane George, Director of Knova Product Management for Aptean.  The roundtable focused on bridging the gap between a company’s corporate knowledgebase, and the intimacy of a customer interaction.  The key methods for doing so, which were covered in the roundtable, are knowledge-centered support and personalizing the customer experience.

All 3 speakers, including myself, discussed knowledge-centered support and how it can be utilized to create a satisfying customer experience.  Some key topics brought up during the event were building a successful multi-channel knowledge management solution that is effective and engaging, the value of customer feedback and delivering audience-specific answers through one central knowledgebase.

My presentation focused on the shift in peoples’ preference for how they would like to receive customer support.  According to Forrester, 65% of consumers now prefer to receive support online.  According to Gartner Research, by the end of 2012, consumers will be willing to perform all customer service functions online themselves.  Yet most companies aren’t ready to make that possible.  Companies must have the ability to replicate a call center online, and in order to do so, they need the right tools.  The tools you use must enable access via different channels, and allow the customer experience to be personalized.  One of these tools is V-Portal™, Creative Virtual’s multi-channel knowledge management platform.

If you missed the event, click here to watch the presentation on-demand.