Creative Virtual Attends First Ever Intelligent Assistants Conference In San Francisco

By Reg Johnson, COO, Creative Virtual USA

Sponsored by Opus Research, the first and groundbreaking Intelligent Assistants Conference was held recently in San Francisco. The conference focused on the technological development of the intelligent assistants and the growing number of enterprises which view intelligent assistant technology as an asset capable of adding meaningful business value.

This one day event in San Francisco featured a diverse group of industry analysts, industry pioneers and case studies presented by Fortune 500 companies which have implemented intelligent assistants and are currently reaping the benefits.

The benefits of intelligent assistants were found to include:

  • Better customer experience across channels
  • Ability to deploy the right solution for digital channels (critical and sometimes a matter of survival)
  • Ability to provide a rewarding self-service experience 24 hours per day
  • More than simply a technology able to deflect questions from live chat agents
  • Ability to access knowledge across the whole company
  • The technology has developed into the mainstream market and is no longer “just for early adopters”
  • Positive customer feedback has led to the Intelligent Assistant being promoted to the front of the support webpage in some organizations

The conference highlighted the importance of creating a world class customer experience, right at the heart of what Creative Virtual strive toward. This is evident in the successful deployments already realized by our clients. Our intelligent virtual agents have been proven to create opportunities for customers to easily self-serve across any channel. V-Portal™, our knowledge management system, is key for many of our clients to achieve great information transfer across a large company, as well as working to integrate with back-end CRM systems. To find out more about V-Portal and how our innovative technology could help your business, contact us for a demo now.