Creative Virtual Ltd Showcases V-Person™ Technology in the Best of British Virtual Exhibition

by Mandy Reed, Global Marketing Manager

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) recently hosted a series of Global Business Summits to coincide with the London 2012 Olympic Games. The ICT Summit, held on 3 August 2012 at the British Business Embassy, was a well-attended and successful event which brought together technology leaders from across the globe to hear from and engage with UK business and industry leaders. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said, “London 2012 is the perfect stage to show investors and entrepreneurs how much we have already achieved, and the exciting potential of what is to come.”

Delegates unable to attend the summit in London were given the opportunity to watch live streams of the technology showcases and participate in event discussions via a virtual platform. This virtual platform, which was visited by more than 650 individual delegates on 3 August, also provides access to the Best of British technology virtual exhibition that is continuing until 4 February 2013. Creative Virtual Ltd is honoured to be one of the select British companies participating in the technology virtual exhibition.

Creative Virtual, founded in Great Britain by Chris Ezekiel, is a world leader in virtual assistant natural language technology and is currently showcasing their V-Person solution in this virtual exhibition. V-Person functions as a virtual employee, trained as an expert in all necessary aspects of the company, so users can be provided with the information they need, when they need it. The powerful natural language engine keeps the context of the conversation giving users the sensation of communicating with a ‘real’ person. V-Person has been designed to work on mobile, social media, IVR platforms as well as the web, providing organisations with a highly cost effective multi-channel self-service solution. This technology also offers a valuable insight into customers’ behaviour with reporting that sheds light on what users are actually saying, thinking and feeling at the most granular level.

Ezekiel, CEO of Creative Virtual Ltd, attended the Global ICT Summit and is proud to be a part of the virtual exhibition. “UKTI hosted a fantastic event and we were proud to have been part of it. It’s great to have the opportunity to continue the Best of British technology showcase over the coming months through the virtual exhibition; it comes at a perfect time for us as we continue our international expansion through building local partnerships.”

If you would like to explore partnership opportunities then please email Creative Virtual at [email protected].

Access to the Global ICT Summit virtual platform has now been opened to the public. In order to register and visit Creative Virtual’s booth in the Best of British technology virtual exhibition, please visit the Global ICT Summit webpage.

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