Creative Virtual Speaks Up at destinationCRM Roundtable Event

By Courtney Schreier, Marketing Manager, Americas

With Millennials seeking answers on-demand without calling the traditional call center, definitions of good customer service are being turned upside down. For organizations focused on customer service and satisfaction, this can present a challenge. If you want to find out how forward-are adapting to changes in how information is delivered to their customers, then attend destinationCRM’s next roundtable event with our US CEO, Richard Simons as a featured panelist.

destinationcrmStarting at 2:00 pm ET/7:00 pm UK time on Wednesday, September 11, the live webinar Meet Customer Information Demands with Virtual Agents will cover how virtual agents are successfully used to create value for companies, all while improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenue. Today’s virtual agents feature sophisticated abilities, like addressing customers in their native language, and engaging in a more natural “human” interaction. Along with other companies in the virtual agent space, Richard will discuss how technology has changed to accommodate consumers’ needs, rather than vice versa.

Registration for the webinar is free, with one lucky attendee winning an Apple TV! Sign up now to learn more about managing your customer experience across all channels.