Creative Virtual’s Alternative for RightNow Technologies Customers

by Jessica Cody, Marketing Manager

The purchase of RightNow Technologies by Oracle for $1.5 billion has created a lot of cquarkoncern in the RightNow userbase.  As Esteban Kolsky notes in the article “Oracle Acquires RightNow- First Take” from his blog, ThinkJarthe change will not necessarily be a smooth transition for RightNow Technologies.  Kolsky distributed a note to his clients and research distribution lists regarding this event, and summarized the key points in his blog.  One important point made was, “The amount of time, effort, and resources to either integrate RightNow into Fusion or to make it more open and public to fit better in their cloud model is not going to be trivial.”

The acquisition could result in a number of significant changes, as well as a slow transition.  It is likely the software will offer less customer support, and that Oracle will charge more for the services.  RightNow’s over 2,000 customers shouldn’t have to sacrifice the quality of their online customer service, or be charged more for the same services they have already had at a lower price.

Why are RightNow users looking at Creative Virtual?

Creative Virtual has a new release of their OneClick Support Portal that has been getting lots of interest from organizations looking for a state-of-the-art self service, call center and knowledge management system.  Below are some of the benefits our solution offers:

  • Natural language processing, which allows the customers to interact in the same way as they would with a customer service representative.
  • Consolidation of content between website, mobile and call center.
  • Can be deployed within social media sites.
  • Addition of Decision Trees into knowledgebases, to help users and agents find solutions to more complex problems.
  • Easy integration to backend systems, to incorporate customer-specific information in the support experience.
  • Seamless escalation to Live Chat or call center.
  • State-of-the-art content management that allows information to be created and maintained in a large organization.
  • Highly scalable (supports thousands of concurrent users).
  • Can fulfill roles of customer support, sales, marketing, call center, etc.
  • Can be launched from various points on website (Help, Contact Us, Home, etc.)
  • Modern and effective, out-of-the-box onsite, hosted or cloud offering.

Companies with intelligent Virtual Agents have an unequivocal advantage in customer engagement.