Driving Revenues with Virtual Agents: Use Cases and Scenarios

By Courtney Schreier, Marketing Manager, Americas

On July 30th, Creative Virtual USA aired a live webinar entitled “Increasing Revenue with a Virtual Agent.” We were fortunate to have Executive Consultant and Former Gartner Research Director Johan Jacobs as our speaker. Richard Simons, CEO of Creative Virtual USA also joined the webinar to discuss examples of virtual agent use cases. The webinar concluded with a roundtable, which included some questions submitted by registrants beforehand.

Johan discussed three commerce and three support scenarios where virtual agent technology can help to close a sale.

The three commerce scenarios included instances where a VA can reduce abandoned online shopping carts, can optimize live chat support by gathering key customer data and can support an internal agent by gathering and sending appropriate content from a web interaction to a live agent.

Also discussed were support scenarios that can convert to sales with the assistance of virtual agent technology. These included instances of a user with a support need such as increasing their internet speed, which can result in a sale. Another example is driving advertising based on what a customer is asking a VA about, such as credit cards, loans, cable plans, etc. Finally, the support of an internal agent by a VA in a support scenario can also result in the driving of a sale.

Creative Virtual’s V-Person™ technology has successfully allowed some of our clients to increase their revenue streams by some of the aforementioned use cases, especially in the support environment, where a sale is not always a primary factor for deploying a virtual agent.

This webinar is now available for on-demand viewing here.