Multi-Channel: The Roadmap to Customer Satisfaction

By Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO

On Tuesday the world celebrated the first annual CX Day in recognition of companies and people that are creating great experiences for customers. I felt it was fitting that I be presenting my session titled Multi-Channel: The Roadmap to Customer Satisfaction as part of Customer Management IQ’s Customer Management Virtual Summit that day. Before you can create an amazing experience worthy of celebrating, you must put a winning strategy in place. But where do you start?

3 Steps: Multi-Channel StrategyDuring my session I shared study results and industry reports showing that customers want to access information quickly and easily on their channel of preference and will go elsewhere if your company can’t meet those expectations.  These stats also showed that organisations know they aren’t delivering a great experience consistently across multiple channels. So how do you go about turning all of those stats and survey responses into an action plan for your organisation?

The fact of the matter is that multi-channel can be difficult and presents a seemingly ever-changing list of challenges for organisations. I proposed three steps for meeting these challenges and creating a successful multi-channel strategy:

  1. Knowledge Sharing: Eliminate silos using knowledge management tools. You simply need to break down these departmental barriers in order provide a seamless experience for the customer.
  2. Information Delivery: Deploy multi-channel integrated solutions. Customers want information on web, mobile and social channels. You have to figure out how to communicate with them effectively wherever they want to engage.
  3. Conversational Analytics: Use conversational data, VoC and predictive analytics to gain valuable insight into what your customers want. Only with this kind of data will you find gaps and opportunities for improving customer satisfaction.

From our view of the room, we believe the convergence of intelligent virtual assistants with knowledge management creates a viable and successful multi-channel solution for global organisations, allowing them to provide consistent and accurate support across all touchpoints. The flexibility of this technology allows you to deploy solutions that are customised to meet the goals of your organisation and the needs of your customers.

It was a pleasure to speak at the first-ever Customer Management Virtual Summit, and I appreciate all the wonderful questions and feedback I’ve received from the session attendees. My thanks to Customer Management IQ for putting together a great two-day event. If you missed my presentation, the Virtual Exhibition and Session information will be available online for 90 days.