NIBC Direct Looks to the Future with the Launch of the Virtual Assistant “Ask Sabine”

By Rob Burgers, Knowledgebase Engineer, Creative Virtual Netherlands

When NIBC Direct wanted to improve their Customer Support Service they selected an intelligent virtual agent from Creative Virtual to help them reach their goals. At the time, Creative Virtual had just recently expanded into the Dutch market and when NIBC Direct’s virtual assistant launched in December 2012, it became the first implementation of a virtual assistant for the company in a foreign language, Dutch.

NIBC logoNIBC Direct is proud of their high customer service levels and therefore the virtual assistant had to reach the goal of reducing calls to the call center, while keeping customer satisfaction levels up. To do this, and to give the virtual assistant a personal touch, she was named and modeled after the Client Contact Manager at NIBC Direct, Sabine Struijk. As a result the virtual assistant not only responds to questions about NIBC, but also has a lively personality for customers to engage with.

Ask Sabine has been live for almost a year and NIBC Direct’s customers love interacting with the virtual Sabine. She clearly understands their questions and gives them accurate answers, saving them a call. In turn, the NIBC Direct live agents are able to focus their time on dealing with tough questions and NIBC Direct has reduced customer support costs.

To learn more about NIBC Direct’s virtual assistant, download the Customer Success Story here.