Optimising the Digital Customer Journey in Financial Services

By Liam Ryan, Head of Sales

Whether financial organisations are ready or not, their customers are increasingly going digital and providing consistent, accurate, seamless and personalised engagement across the entire digital customer journey is key to driving sales and building brand loyalty. The upcoming Winning Digital Marketing Financial Services Conference, being held on 3rd March in London, will focus on ways to optimise the digital customer journey through a variety of expert presentations, roundtable and panel discussions, an exhibition and a networking lunch.

The industry-led conference and networking event will feature senior practitioners and industry leaders from the financial services sector sharing their insights and real-life experiences of driving sales across the digital journey by analysing online customer behaviour, channel ROI and tracking the digital customer journey for a targeted, compliant and integrated cross-channel marketing strategy. Creative Virtual will showcase V-Person™ for Finance, our omnichannel customer engagement solutions designed specifically for financial organisations.

Having worked for many years with financial organisations to improve their self-service options and overall customer experience, I’m looking forward to taking part in this one-day event. The event programme includes an impressive list of industry speakers, some from financial organisations currently working with Creative Virtual. V-Person for Finance solutions are unique in the market today as they bring together knowledge management, business intelligence and Voice of the Customer reporting, and natural language virtual assistants in one platform. The flexible technology allows for bespoke solutions that offer on-demand self-service options, create customer-centric engagement, drive sales and provide powerful insight into customer behaviour.

More information about attending the Winning Digital Marketing Financial Services Conference and the full conference programme can be found on the event website. Hope to see you there!